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Design Campus Dresden

Class 2024

Class 2024
A Speculation in Four Seasons

Class 2024


Two special exhibitions are open this season, in two different locations! Delve into Plant Fever. Towards phyto-centred design” at the Waterside Palais in Pillnitz — Dresden, celebrating plants and creativity. Meanwhile, at Schloss Hubertusburg in Wermsdorf, be captivated by WATERSCHOOL: A Speculation in Four Seasons,” an exploration of water’s profound impact on our lives.

Latest news

Assembly School of the Transcultural Academy: “Futurities”


The Transcultural Academy Futurities” 2023 of the cross-collections Research Department of the Staatliche Kunstsammlungen Dresden (SKD) invites the public to participate in open formats of the Assembly School. It also welcomes its attendees to visit the exhibition We Show What We (Don’t) Know: Images as Research as part of the Academy at the Japanese Palais in Dresden.

Assembly School of the Transcultural Academy: “Futurities” (14 Nov 2023)

Vienna Design Week X Design Campus: Room for Change


Room for Change is an invitation to change perspective, question harmful agri-cultural practices and look at plants as allies for militant and poetic design scenarios. Spanning material experimentations, fashion items, products, performances, as well as videos and photos, the installation highlights the design and narrative potential of plants and reveals stories of interdependence, empowerment, resilience, but also exploitation, overconsumption and colonisation. The featured works were produced by the participants of The School of Phyto-centred Design, the 2023 summer programme curated by d‑o-t‑s for the Design Campus at Pillnitz Palace & Park (Dresden, Germany).

Vienna Design Week X Design Campus: Room for Change (22 Sep 2023)

Design Campus 

The DESIGN CAMPUS is a curatorial-driven, interdisciplinary, and future-oriented platform for rethinking the world’s biggest questions through design practices and culture.

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Each year, as part of its six-week summer school program, the DESIGN CAMPUS offers a series of one-week workshops, led by world-renowned creative professionals. The school is open to anyone with an inquisitive mind and a burning desire to change the world by design.

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LABs are curatorial-driven, innovative projects promoting multidisciplinary approaches and research. They inform practice in the field of design and enable the development of new strategies and special projects in the museum.

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