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Design Campus Dresden

Class 2023

Class 2023
The School of 
Phyto-centred Design

Class 2023

Watch out — the Design Campus Summer School Programme is online NOW!

We can’t wait to open the Museum for the 2023 Season at 28th of April 2023

Latest news

EVENT - Undsonstso


We were very happy to welcome the #106 edition of Undsonstso” in Dresden at Pillnitz Palace and Park. It is a platform that brings together all of Dresden’s creative talents. Every four weeks for one evening, small keynotes are held for everything that is worth telling and rousing about what is happing around town.

EVENT - Undsonstso (4 Aug 2022)

Design Campus 

The DESIGN CAMPUS is a curatorial-driven, interdisciplinary, and future-oriented platform for rethinking the world’s biggest questions through design practices and culture.

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Each year, as part of its six-week summer school program, the DESIGN CAMPUS offers a series of one-week workshops, led by world-renowned creative professionals. The school is open to anyone with an inquisitive mind and a burning desire to change the world by design.

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LABs are curatorial-driven, innovative projects promoting multidisciplinary approaches and research. They inform practice in the field of design and enable the development of new strategies and special projects in the museum.

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