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Themis real time

Avatar for ecosystems that claim their rights

Themis real time

Avatar for ecosystems that claim their rights


Nov 2022 — 2023


team mischer’traxler studio:
Katharina Mischer, Thomas Traxler, Julia Habarda, Florian Semlitsch and Sophia Stoewer,

swarm animation: Marlen Jachek

legal support / plea and voice: Michaela Krömer

biological support: Thomas Hein and Thomas Friedrich (BOKU Wien)


Face Tracking
Motion Graphics
Nature’s Rights


mischer’traxler studio
Themis Donau-Auen

What if our views on democracy evolved further and would develop into an ecocracy, where next to humans, as well ecosystems and non-human species would have (equal) rights and were included into decision making processes. If we rethink legal systems and jurisdiction, how could digital possibilities be used to let nature appear in court demanding its rights, answering questions, being a witness or a victim? How could nature appear and verbally fight in TV discussions or have an interview in a magazine?

The project themis envisions digital real-time avatars allowing to give voices and appearances to various ecosystems. Moving away from a human representative, it brings an abstract form of Nature into courtrooms, our societies and social media, functioning as a constant reminder of nature’s right and its importance among us. The colourful, face-like appearances are made up of images of various species from the ecosystems surrounded by swarms of more species, bacteria, microbes and other elements of that area of nature. The reminiscence of a face allows expressing emotions and thus can underline speech and statements triggering solidarity and reaction from the listener and reaction from the listener.

Now and in the very near future the real-time animation could be based on a human lawyer or scientist thanks to film, face filter and tracking technology, whilst at one point in the future an AI system could take over and make sure that nature is heard, seen and understood. Each ecosystem would look different based on the species living in the area.


Text: studio mischer’traxler

Fotos ©mischer’traxler