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Question, Reframe, Expose, Repeat

31 Jul – 6 Aug 2022
Ceramics: Archeological illusion
Irakli Sabekia (GE/NL)

Stories are attached to made objects through aesthetics, functionality, craftsmanship and heritage. Designed to reinforce cultural and political narratives, they are produced to carry meaning just as much as purpose. In this workshop, using a range of research and investigation techniques, we will take a critical look at the objects in the Museum's collection and explore ways in which they can be employed for understanding and addressing the urgencies of today.

During the workshop, we will dissect the exhibits through theoretical and visual research, and compile the findings into scenographies, enveloping and recontextualising the museum’s artefacts. Using the collection as a source and a canvas at the same time, participants will stage their research findings in the shape of multimedia interventions in the exposition. Using light, sound, digital and physical media we will explore the concealed dimensions of the museum's artefacts and use them as tools of storytelling by exposing them in a different light.

Irakli Sabekia (GE/NL)

Irakli Sabekia is a Georgian designer and artistic researcher based in the Netherlands. Graduate of the Design Academy Eindhoven, he has a background in science and visual communication. His work, often in the shape of installations and spatial interventions, explores the human position in relation to man-made and natural systems. Using a mixed toolset of artistic and scientific methods, his projects aim to deconstruct realities and assemble suggestions from existing variables. Engaging with politics, technology, and society, they act as artistic interruptions in the functioning of systems. Since 2019, Sabekia has been exhibiting and lecturing in the Netherlands and abroad. His work has been awarded and nominated for several international art and design prizes. Currently, he is an artist in residence at the Ars Electronica — ArtScience residency program with his ongoing project Archive of Spatial Knowledge’.

Irakli Sabekia (GE/NL)