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Question, Reframe, Expose, Repeat

31 Jul – 6 Aug 2022
Ceramics: Archeological illusion
Irakli Sabekia (GE/NL)
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The workshop will investigate ceramic objects in the museum’s collection as vessels of memory. Drawing from the historical role of pottery in reinforcing cultural and political narratives, the participants will be invited to dissect the objects through theoretical and visual research and reassemble their findings into scenographies aiming to recontextualise the artefacts.

Using the objects in the museum’s collection as sources and as canvases at the same time, the participants will stage their research findings in the shape of multimedia interventions in the exposition. Using light, sound, projected image, and digital media the final presentation will explore the concealed narrative dimensions of the famous artefacts by presenting them in a different light.

Irakli Sabekia (GE/NL)

Irakli Sabekia is a Georgian designer and artistic researcher based in Amsterdam. A recent graduate of the Design Academy Eindhoven, he has a background in sciences and visual communication. On the intersection of design, art, and philosophy, his practice is a multidisciplinary exploration of matter, image, and meaning. Irakli uses experience as a tool to enter a dialogue with the viewer and create a meaningful encounter, which enables not merely new knowledge but rather understanding of the issues which he addresses. Spatial installations, experiences, and object interactions aim to demonstrate an alternative viewpoint and trigger thought, through a process he calls the design of insights’.

He has gathered growing recognition for his projects which take on weighty themes including frictions between humans and systems, and social and spatial justice, while using experiences as a vehicle to spark powerful conversations. Formafantasma has named him as one of the twenty-five creative leaders of the future in Wallpaper’s 25th Anniversary Issue 5x5’ project.


Irakli Sabekia (GE/NL)
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