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21–27 Aug 2022
Armature Globale by Luigi Alberto Cippini
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The workshop looks at historical precedents belonging to European sculpture and Art History, the current status of Architectural production and the Museum as a new platform for creative outcome.
A rethinking of an hybrid production infrastructure that needs to optimize current tools and present emergencies. 

We will create sculptural and quasi-architectural prototypes and challenge their lexicon and aesthetical performance to produce what could be defined as an Hosting Structure. A vessel for content. 
Critical lectures and sculptural workshops where partecipants will experiment with creative challenges and architectural thinking will re-create a new emergent formal condition for the re-evaluation of what a museum is. The practice of academic research will be challenged by the presentation of non-institutional sources of knowledge and a necessary re-definition of freedom and creativity. 

The models and prototypes will also be subject to photographical and video portrayal aiming at producing a new lexicon that can have multiple feedbacks. 

Armature Globale by Luigi Alberto Cippini

Armature Globale is an emerging Architecture practice founded and directed by architect and curator Luigi Alberto Cippini in 2016. Its activism is evident in the radical, para-architectural, and sometimes, enigmatic work encompassing the fields of exhibition technology, structural intervention, and advanced building design.

Armature Globale’s work has been featured in Moshpit, a ghost monograph book of the practice, published by Kaleidoscope.



Armature Globale by Luigi Alberto Cippini