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1–7 Sep 2024
Summer: Agriculture

Johanna Seelemann (DE/ IS)

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Cultivating Gratitude is a research-based workshop that invites participants to explore and redesign the relationship between humans and other species through the lens of harvest rituals. Participants are encouraged to conceive and produce objects and tools that celebrate and honor the interdependence between humans, animals, and the land. Using raw materials, both wild and cultivated, gathered from around Hubertusburg Castle, participants will explore different techniques to create meaningful design pieces.

Agriculture holds immense potential as a solution to significant challenges such as climate change, health, and biodiversity. Within this context, the workshop will utilize design as a narrative tool. Participants will be encouraged to explore the SKD collections, delving into the past to envision future possibilities. Additionally, a visit to an organic farm will provide insights into contemporary farming practices.

Through theoretical exploration and hands-on research, participants will learn to transform materials into objects. The workshop will consist of both autonomous and group sessions, with the overarching goal of developing and producing designs that reflect our interconnected relationships. These objects will seek to redefine contemporary agricultural rituals, reimagining their significance and gestures.

At the conclusion of the workshop, designs and discoveries will be showcased in an ongoing exhibition at Hubertusburg Castle. Cultivating Gratitude is a collaborative endeavor driven by the sharing of ideas and knowledge. Participants will draw from each other's insights while conducting individual research and bringing their unique perspectives to the project.

Johanna Seelemann

Based in Germany and Iceland, Johanna Seelemann leads a design studio that explores the mystification of everyday objects and materials in our environment and their contexts, production systems, and ecological narratives in order to create desirable future scenarios. The studio works on a wide range of typologies, from designed products to research-driven installations. Seelemann’s work has been exhibited at the Victoria & Albert Museum in London, the Villa Noailles in Hyères, the Museum of the City of New York, and the Design Museum Helsinki. Johanna Seelemann was recently shortlisted for the Dezeen Awards 2023 in the Emerging Designer of the Year category.

Johanna Seelemann

Harvest Crown. Photo: Nils Körner

Banana Story. Photo: Johanna Seelemann and Björn Steinar

Micrographia. Photo: Nicola Colella

Hortulanus. Photo: Johanna Seelemann

Hortulanus. Photo: Johanna Seelemann

Oase. Photo: Robert Damisch

Leuchterspinne. Photo: Studio Johanna Seelemann

Terra Incognita. Photo: Johanna Seelemann