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25–31 Aug 2024
Summer: Agriculture

Rianne Makkink (NL),
Roberta Di Cosmo (IT/NL)
Matilde Patuelli (IT/NL)

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Imagine Hubertusburg Castle and its surrounding landscape as a realm that mystifies and entices us to uncover its historical layers and potential futures. How do we awaken memories ingrained in this place and collectively dissect its agricultural, social, and ecological dimensions to weave fresh narratives? What stories of harmonious coexistence can emerge, bridging the varied interests of local communities and production practices? And how can food serve as a conduit between people and place, even in fleeting encounters?

Our workshop aims to document the intricate dance between human perception and the ecosystem, harnessing collective wisdom to envision new possibilities for the future of this ecosystem. Inspired by historical figures such as Karl Hans Janke, we will trace the castle's ever-evolving roles since its inception in 1728. Clean, grow, harvest, make/build, and document will be the five parameters along which the five-day workshop will be structured, with the overarching theme of water in all its facets, particularly its water footprint.

This case study begins with a deep dive into the site's ecological fabric, native flora, and the challenges posed by non-native species. Through lenses of social, economic, holistic, natural, and political considerations, we will craft visions for a more sustainable and inclusive future. Utilizing experimental tools such as landscape mapping, live-action role-playing, and culinary exploration, we will delve into immersive experiences to represent the essence of this landscape across time.

We aim to foster an exchange of knowledge and diverse perspectives and skills among participants, so individuals from varied backgrounds are welcome to join the workshop. However, a curiosity and interest in the creative fields of design, art, and architecture are both valued and necessary.

Studio Makkink & Bey

Studio Makkink & Bey is a Dutch design collective led by designer and architect Rianne Makkink and designer Jurgen Bey. Based in Rotterdam, the studio has been operating since 2002 and is supported by a diverse design team. The studio’s many projects range from interior design to product design, public space projects, architecture, exhibition and shop-window design, as well as research and applied arts projects — many of which have received awards. The WaterSchool is a self-initiated project of Studio Makkink&Bey since 2012.

In their view, urban planning, architecture, and landscape architecture are intricately connected to product design. Both designers are actively involved in education, aiming to impart their design strategy and focus on expanding the role of the designer-architect to the most strategic function possible.


Studio Makkink & Bey

Matilde Patuelli and Roberta Di Cosmo

Matilde Patuelli and Roberta Di Cosmo, designers and researchers based in Rotterdam, met during their studies at Design Academy Eindhoven’s Social Design Master program. Their collaborative practices intersect design, storytelling, and social change. Roberta’s research delves into the trauma affecting landscapes on biological, economic, and human levels, while Matilde uses fictional storytelling for relational world-building to explore themes of mental health and diversity.

The duo blends research, storytelling, performance, social engagement, live-action role-play techniques, and landscape activation. Collaborating for over three years with Waterschool, they’ve focused on projects like Present by Nature and Geographies of the Gap, emphasizing the third landscape concept, experimental mapping tools, and gamification methods.



Matilde Patuelli and Roberta Di Cosmo

Dripping tales of the undomesticated, Drop City Milano. Photo: Studio Zima

Present by Nature Run3, COSIMO BEDUINI

Present by Nature x Waterschool x Alcova, Milan. Photo: Studio Zima

Present by Nature, Milan. Photo: Studio Zima

Present by Nature. Photo: Studio Zima

Present by Nature, plot 003. Photo: COSIMO BEDUINI