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Greenhouse Grooves // cancelled

3–11 Aug 2023
Passepartout Duo

The workshop Greenhouse Grooves is an invitation to discover the world of plants from a sonic perspective and the world of sound from a plant perspective. There is an ocean of auditory stimuli that fall outside of our human hearing and that can open the path to new means of approaching the world, if only we could perceive them.

Observing and listening to the ways in which the vegetal realm creates and organizes itself, and applying some of these rules to the realm of sound and electromagnetic fields, we will shape original voices in the bodies of hybrid devices, conceiving a sound installation and building small textile-electronic creatures able to diffuse our composition.

Exploring concepts at the intersection of botany, computation, and music, we will create an evolving soundscape that builds a bridge with the beings populating the old greenhouses of Schloss Pillnitz. By the end of the course, it will be unclear what a plant is and what it is not, how we define musical instruments, and how many different ways there are to listen and observe the other-than-human world.

As a grand finale to the workshop, the audience of the Kunstgewerbemuseum will be invited to discover our soundscape and our creatures in the frame of a performance.

Passepartout Duo

Passepartout Duo’s work investigates the way in which we listen to and connect with sound. Reassessing the tools they use to create music, the group is continually developing a specialized and evolving ecosystem of handmade musical instruments that have ranged from analog electronic circuits and conventional percussion, to room-size textile installations and found objects.

Looking for ways of sustaining an independent musical career and shaping an international network of artists and musicians, the group has been on a nearly continuous world tour ever since they began collaborating in 2015. And their experiences traveling have heavily influenced their unconventional creative process.


Passepartout Duo

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