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New World Propaganda

Week 4
8–14 Aug 2021
We Will Not Be Silent: on Activism and Protest
Jerszy Seymour (CA, UK)
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To change the world, we need to give a compelling vision of what the world can be. The workshop invited artists, designers, activists, writers, and poets to work both individually and collectively to create memes, posters, billboards, actions with slogans, and images that can act as seeds for the creation of the new world.

To help us formulate our visions, participantswere asked to select subjects from William Morris’ utopian novel News from Nowhere and update them as visions for our future. To hone and realise these new visions as simple visual messages, to design structures to present them, and to, finally, manifest them as posters and billboards in the pretty gardens of Pillnitz, the active causeway of the river, or the troubled centre of Dresden. Where, what and how? We decided.

Some suggested reading material:
Inventing the Future by Alex Williams and Nick Srnicek; Verso.
Xenofeminism by Helen Hester; Wiley.
How to Be an Anticapitalist in the Twenty-First Century by Erik Olin Wright; Verso.
Staying with the Trouble by Donna J. Haraway; Duke University Press.
An Apartment on Uranus: Chronicles of the Crossing by Paul B. Preciado; MIT press.
Technic and Magic: The Reconstruction of Reality by Federico Campagna; Bloomsbury.


  • Have experience as a visual artist, designer or activist
  • Can manage the reading material
  • Are handy and have tons of energy
  • Are excited by this new world

Jerszy Seymour (CA, UK)

Jerszy Seymour is a designer and director and a cofounder of the Dirty Art Department, a radical master’s program in art and design at the Sandberg Institute in Amsterdam. He sees design as the general relationship we have with the built world, the natural world, other people, and ourselves. Design is as much about the inhabitation of the planet as the inhabitation of the mind. Spanning from industrially and post-industrially produced objects, actions, interventions, and installations, he defines his work as the creation of situations which expand utopian possibilities defined by the idea of the Non-Gesamt Gesamt Kunstwerk.

In 2021, he created the exhibition Life on Planet Orsimanirana at the MK&G Hamburg, with the Macao Collective in Milan, as a symbolic vision of a world we wish to live in.


Jerszy Seymour (CA, UK)