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Transitive Matters

7–13 Aug 2022
Plastic: Performative Plasticity
Studio Plastique (BE)
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Plastic refers to materials of which the form is evolutive. In fact, form and material are inherently connected in the word itself, originating in the Greek word plastikos referring to something capable of being shaped or moulded.

Over the course of time, the word has come to a freeze on the term and tends to refer to the petrol-based synthetic materials making up much of our material world. Though a human-made material, plastics are to be found everywhere and anywhere around us on this planet - in the form of packaging, architecture, transportation, healthcare, and electronics, or even reaching into bloodstreams of living organisms in the form of microplastics.

The evolutive timeframe of those materials hasn’t been considered in the design of objects, leading to a broken connection between form and material. This has resulted in an issue of compatibility between the evolutive timeframes of our natural environment and the timeframe of this human-made material we call plastic.

During this workshop, and based on the museum’s extensive collection, we will critically look at plastic’s evolution throughout time, consequently leading to questions of future realities related to plastic. The role we as designers and human beings perform in this context will be questioned and challenged through materiality and research.

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Studio Plastique (BE)

Studio Plastique is a research-based design studio dedicated to designing sustainable and empathic processes, materials, products, and environments through collaborations across disciplines. Theresa Bastek and Archibald Godts founded the studio in 2017 in Brussels, after graduating from Design Academy Eindhoven. 

Their work combines imaginative scenarios and critical reflections with in-depth investigations of complex material supply chains, technological infrastructures, production processes, and their social and environmental impact. Intrinsic in their practice is the investigation of design’s impacts on the world and queries the discipline’s role in changing it.

Studio Plastique’s work has received international recognition and has been shown at Z33, Design Museum Ghent, Design Museum Holon, Van Abbé Museum Eindhoven, as well as international fairs and platforms. They recently received the DEZEEN Award for Sustainable Design (2021), the Wallpaper Award (2022), Henry van de Velde Young Talent Gold Award in Belgium (2020), and the SYN Award in Germany (2021). Studio Plastique has been named by Formafantasma as one of twenty-five creative leaders of the future in Wallpaper’s 25th Anniversary Issue 5x5’ project.


Studio Plastique (BE)
Common Sands - Forite Tiles in collaboration with Snøhetta and Fornace Brioni

Photography Oioioi

Common Sands - Vases

Photography Studio Plastique

Common Sands - Vases

Photography Studio Plastique

Current Age - Exhibition View

Photography Selma Gurbuz

Current Age - Lamp In times were our relationship to electricity is increasingly abstracted, the lamp offers a tangible experience with the electric phenomenon.

Photography Selma Gurbuz