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The Harvest

20–28 Jul 2023
Emma Bruschi

The Harvest is a research-based workshop that invites participants to conceive and produce garments and accessories using raw plants – wild or cultivated – collected in the vicinity of Pillnitz Park & Palace. A special focus of the course will be the experimentation with straw, using different techniques, e.g. braiding, twining, spinning, crocheting, and weaving that Bruschi has explored over the years.

Nourished by theoretical and hands-on research, we will learn how to transform our harvest into wearable elements – clothing and accessories – while rediscovering the history and technical potential of plants in textile making and fashion.

The course will include both autonomous and group sessions, and our common goal will be to conceive and produce a folk costume capable of evoking the identity of the territory in which Pillnitz Park & Palace is situated. Dressed from head to toe with vegetal elements found in the surrounding landscape, the costume will try to redefine the role of folklore today, re-imagine its forms, and celebrate both its nature and its culture.

At the end of the workshop, we will showcase our dress and our explorations in the frame of a public event, the format of which (e.g. photo shooting, performance, film) will be the result of a collective decision and effort.

The Harvest will be a collaborative project guided by the spirit of sharing and transmission, where everyone will be able to learn from the others while developing individual research and bringing their own sensitivity to the project.

Emma Bruschi

Emma graduated from the Haute école d’art et de design (HEAD) in Geneva with a Masters in Fashion and Accessories Design in 2019. As fashion designer, she won the 19M Prix des Métiers d’art de CHANEL at the 35th Festival international fashion, photography, and fashion accessories and Hyères 2020 with its Almanach collection. Raw materials, craftsmanship, know-how, transmission, and experimentation are at the heart of Emma Bruschi’s work. She uses the territory as raw material, drawing inspiration from places that are personal to her. A certain nostalgia, calm, and slowness emanate from her collections. Since 2021, she has been growing rye on the family farm, which is used for the production of her clothing, accessories, and harvest bouquets. Her aim is to cultivate the land and work with her own materials: to combine the work of a farmer and a designer. 


Emma Bruschi

Fotos ©SKD, Felix Meutzner

Fotos ©SKD, Sahra Jajarmikhayat

Fotos ©SKD, Felix Meutzner