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The Untold River Composing Forces Among Us

7–13 Aug 2022
Plastic: Performative Plasticity
Future Farmers (USA, BE)

The Untold River is a hands-on workshop that revolves around the making of a river-powered printing press. This “relational object” engages with the physical force of the river and is the key to inviting people into relation with the river. Together, participants will design and build the printing press, including the mechanism, handmade fonts, printing furniture, mobility, and the flow of how the object works in public.

The workshop will be like an hour-glass, whereby, there will be two working groups that come together at key points during the workshop; a “build team” and a “research team”. The build team will work closely with architect/philosopher, Lode Vranken and the research team will work with Amy Franceschini. The “research team” will think through possible content, stories, and images to be used with the printing press and the “build team” will design and build a tool to be used on the river.

READ MORE about their approach and intentions of the workshop in an interview with Futurefarmers Amy Franceschini & Lode Vranken by KoozArch

Future Farmers (USA, BE)

Futurefarmers is an international group of artists, architects, anthropologists, and farmers with a common interest in creating frameworks of participation that recalibrate our cultural compass. They work in contexts where intricate social structures are intertwined with city infrastructure and the complexities of collective memories embedded in (and around) a site. Through processes of participatory research, critical reflection, and sustained public programming, hidden potentials held within these scenographies can emerge. The process of negotiation between diverse groups of people and across cultures is seminal in grounding this work and the communities that co-create them.

Between 20112018, Futurefarmers were the lead artists of Flatbread Society, a permanent public artwork situated in the former harbour of Oslo, Norway. They have published A Variation on Powers of Ten, Sternberg Press, 2012; For Want of a Nail, MIT Press, 2018. They have exhibited at Solomon R. Guggenheim in 2010, New York Museum of Modern Art in 2008, Whitney Museum of American Art, Biennial 2000, Sharjah Biennale 2017, Taipei Biennale 2018, and Amy Franceschini was the recipient of a 2010 Guggenheim Fellowship.


Future Farmers (USA, BE)

all photos ©Tilmann Finner