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Throwing Stuff Under the Bus

Week 3
1–7 Aug 2021
Our Voice, Our Vote: on Choice and Empowerment
Ramon Tejada (US)
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It is 2021 and after so much has happened, like the worldwide pandemic and social and political demonstrations, how do designers respond, think about, and make for our now? For our equitable futures? How much do we need to jettison or throw under the proverbial bus (ourselves included)? How do we shift and think about the choices we make, how they generate value and empower our communities? In this generative workshop, we will revel in the joyful process of rediscovery, unknowing, throwing, unlearning, and ideating in new, open, and collaborative ways. Along the way, we will make design artifacts: forms, images, stories, languages. All the while thinking about the stories we tell with our narratives about ourselves (our lineages, our choices, and our values), our communities, and how this intersects with others. We will make and iterate with critical intention, thoughtfulness, intelligence, respect, risk, love, and joy.


  • An undergraduate degree in design, graphic design, or related design fields
  • Ability to speak English fluently
  • 18 years of age or older

Ramon Tejada (US)

Ramon Tejada is a New Yorkino / Afro-Caribbean / American designer, as Estudio Ramon, and educator based in Providence, Rhode Island. He works in a hybrid design/​teaching practice focusing on collaboration, inclusion, unearthing, and the responsible expansion of design a practice he has named puncturing.” Ramon is an Assistant Professor in the Graphic Design Department at Rhode Island School of Design.


Ramon Tejada (US)