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Wood, Objects and other stories

31 Jul – 6 Aug 2022
Giuditta Vendrame (IT, NL)

What stories are being told and untold through objects? What do we know and not know when we engage with wooden artifacts?

During the workshop we will recontextualise the material classification of the collection by gathering "peripheral" information about a number of selected wooden objects.

We will investigate unexposed stories by different means: by studying the physical artifacts, observing the context in which they are displayed (the castle and its garden) as well as the climatic spaces in which they are stored. Unexposed stories often come to light by reading the information present and especially absent in their inventory cards and by talking to the researchers and conservators of the collection.

The attitudes will be inquisitive and approaches will be experimental, where the subjective experiences of the collection will become also part of the workshop process.

We will select and stitch together these untold fragments into a script that will manifest in a situated performance. Like in a chorus, the unheard stories will eventually give voice or accentuate the silence to the “archive of the lost forest”.

It is preferable for participants to have:

  • Inquisitive attitude
  • Interest in experimental and collaborative approach
  • Interest in testing performative format of presentation

Giuditta Vendrame (IT, NL)

Giuditta Vendrame explores the intersections between design, art practice, and legal systems, focusing on personhood, space, and mobility. Part of her practice is political and combines research into the circulation of our public bodies and movement control with performative moments and symbolic gestures. She researches the notion of citizenship and its paradoxes. She is interested in exploring ways to open political spaces through playful and poetical interventions. She is based in the Netherlands and tutors at Design Academy Eindhoven in the Geo – Design department. Her work has been exhibited internationally at Walker Art Center, Philadelphia Museum of Art, Van Abbemuseum Eindhoven, Venice Architecture Biennale, RMIT Gallery Melbourne, OCAT Shenzhen.

Giuditta Vendrame (IT, NL)